Why It Matters

They Can’t Tell Us Where it Hurts

Unlike us, our pets can’t simply tell us how they feel or where they’re having pain. To make things more complicated, they’re also very good at hiding signs of discomfort or illness. This is why fast, top-notch diagnostics are critical—and The Village Veterinarian has the equipment and expertise to get answers quickly.

Answers In a Hurry

Having a pet who’s not feeling their best is stressful, and the only thing you want is to get them well again as quickly as possible. The sooner we can figure out the problem, the sooner we can address it—and the sooner your pet can get back to being themselves.

That’s where our advanced diagnostics come in. We offer a comprehensive array of laboratory tests, many of which can be done on-site for rapid results. For more extensive lab needs, we partner with a high-quality external lab service. Our in-house imaging includes state-of-the-art digital X-rays, which provide fast, accurate images.

Our diagnostic services include:

In-house and off-site laboratory services

Digital radiography (x-rays)


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Tips for a healthy pet

Diagnostics—they’re not just for sick pets!

Many people think of things like blood work and x-rays as only being needed when a pet is ill or injured, but that’s far from the truth! Routine blood work on healthy pets is not only valuable for establishing healthy ‘baseline’ values, it’s also vital in the early detection and treatment of any health issues. Routine x-rays can be an important part of an aging pet’s health care plan to monitor for any arthritic changes, as well as evaluating the health of your pet’s heart, lungs, and more. Ask us how our diagnostics can help your pet today!